Sri Lanka: US State Dept. Reports on Possible War Crimes

Human rights groups have been calling for an investigation into possible war crimes committed in Sri Lanka during the fighting between the government and Tamil Tigers earlier this year. Now the US State Department has issued a report that details a series of alleged crimes – including the killing of children and the use of cluster bombs on civilians.

The displaced in Sri Lanka remain in government camps - five months after fighting has ended. (Photo: HRW)

I spoke to James Ross, legal and policy director at Human Rights Watch, for Free Speech Radio News. He says the report should send “a clear message” to the Sri Lankan government that the US will take these allegations seriously.

Listen to our conversation here.

Meanwhile, the Sri Lankan government is keeping hundreds of thousands of displaced people in camps. They have remained there since the fighting ended in May.

FSRN’s reporter in Sri Lanka, Ponniah Manikavasagam, filed a great story this week that has the voices of refugees on the ground. As one woman says, “We’ve had enough…we don’t want to suffer anymore.” You can hear it here.

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