Fiber Art Exhibit: Tradition and Modernity in Jakarta

(Jakarta Post, 6/9/08) – An expanse of silk fabric stretched across the wall behind artist John Martono at the Bentara Budaya cultural center in Palmerah, South Jakarta.

P.J. Leo / Jakarta Post
Photos: P.J. Leo / Jakarta Post

Martono had spent four months on the art work, embroidering a fine, gold thread onto its surface, weaving pebbles brought from Kalimantan and crushing salt onto its fibers to create a complex pattern.

The result, said Martono, is an imagining of the meaning behind his one-year-old son’s wordless cries as the infant learns to speak.

“For me, it’s a kind of never-ending painting,” said Martono, who is based in Bandung. “This composition is very free.”

The piece, titled My Son’s Song, is just one of the many works of art brought together for the 6th Asia Fiber Art Exhibition, now showing until Sept. 14 at Bentara Budaya… Read the full story in The Jakarta Post

Listen to an excerpt from an interview with Senior Deputy Governor for the Bank of Indonesia, Miranda Goeltom, about the exhibit’s theme, Tradition Into Modernity. Photo by P.J. Leo for the Jakarta Post

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